Ken Bone's Story

By Ken Bone

The kindest person I've ever known is my wife. I came home from work one day years ago and she asked, "what would you think if I had another baby?" I said that we had talked about it and thought we had decided that one was enough, that we were done having kids. She responded, "what if it wasn't yours?" I was confused and upset until she clarified that she wanted to become a surrogate mother. She wanted to use her body to give a pair of strangers the gift of a family when they had all but given up hope at ever having one. 

Through an agency we were matched with a couple who were unable to have children of their own. The wife had significant injuries from serving in Afghanistan and was unable to carry a child because of them. We tried an IVF procedure three times, and failed all three times. It was devastating, for the couple, and for us as we had come to consider them close friends. After all this heartache and pain my wife decided that she would never give up. That we would start over.

We were then matched with another couple. The wife had a genetic condition that rendered her unable to carry a baby, or even to donate her own eggs for the procedure. Using an egg donor we tried the IVF procedure with them and they were blessed with twins on the first attempt. My wife carried twins to term and had them during one of the hottest Julys on record in Saint Louis. She gave birth to these twins, and we sent them home with their real parents.

She handled it better than anyone could ever have expected. She handled it better than me. We still get pictures of the twins, they consider us an Aunt and Uncle. We love them, we love their parents, but we miss them every day. Right now there is a family making a memory with two perfect children who could not have existed without my wife, the kindest person I have ever known."