Auto Driver Lebar

"So, I spent my entire Sunday shopping and bought everything that I did for about Rs. 6k. I got home and realized that I had left my bags in the auto. And so I spent the rest of the evening panicking and crying. 

But at 11:30 that night, Lebar, the auto rikshaw driver in the picture, calls me (he got my number from one of the bills that was there in the bag) and tells me that I've left my bags in his vehicle. He asked me where he could come to give them to me. 

That's probably the sweetest thing someone has done. For all you know, he could have just sold these and made some good amount of money for himself but he didn't! People like these just light up my day. And the ones who come across such beautiful human beings are definitely lucky." - Ashwini Chivukula

Unsung Person: Auto driver Lebar

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