What is Unsung People?

Unsung People focuses on positive journalism and shares stories of people making our communities better. Our journalists write in-depth CloseUP stories spotlighting inspiring community members. We also share simple stories of kindness collected from monthly community events and online submissions.

Why are we doing this?

We want to contribute to building a world in which people trust each other more. We hope to replace some elements of negative news with honest stories of selfless and inspiring people. Reading about stories of kindness within a community has powerful ripple effects. Research on “Moral Elevation” by NYU professor Jonathan Haidt, shows that when people witness acts of kindness around them, they are more likely to experience positive emotions and be motivated to also perform acts of kindness.

What is the problem?

People consume 490 minutes worth of media everyday and for every positive story, there are 17 negative ones. News is not good for us; research by Szabo and Hopkinson shows that consuming as little as 15 minutes of news leads to persistent negative psychological feelings. George Gerbner's research suggests that this negative media leads to the Mean World Syndrome: the belief that the world is much more dangerous than it actually is.

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