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Collaborate with talented, creative, driven people.

Our team consists of driven people looking to make a positive impact in their community. Here are some of our key values

Kindness:  notice kindness around you, and be kind to others

Kindness: notice kindness around you, and be kind to others

Honesty:  value truth and transparency

Honesty: value truth and transparency

Creativity:  work on fun, original projects

Creativity: work on fun, original projects

Humility:  work on an ambitious mission much larger than you

Humility: work on an ambitious mission much larger than you

Courage:  think independently,   fail creatively and don't be afraid to talk to strangers

Courage: think independently, fail creatively and don't be afraid to talk to strangers


Join a global network of positive community journalists.

Our teams have dedicated themselves to positive community journalism. Our network of UPLifters, a group of creative and dedicated people, are all passionate about changing the landscape of local journalism.

Engage with your community in interactive, fun events.

All Unsung People teams around the world engage with our communities in creative, interactive and fun ways to spread kindness. These are our TurnUP events. They happen once a month and are two hours of unadulterated fun. At a great TurnUP, the UP team members and the event attendees feel a sense of elevation. We always create some ruckus and are trying out new, innovate ways to catalyze kindness.

Participate in impactful journalism that makes a difference.

Our vision is to create a more trusting and positive world. Every month, UP teams produce new "CloseUPs." These articles, published on our site, are in-depth stories spotlighting a person who has gone out of his or her way to serve the community.

People consume 490 minutes worth of news everyday and for every positive story, there are 17 negative ones. This leads to the Mean World Syndrome: the belief that the world is much more dangerous than it actually is. UP is fighting against the Mean World Syndrome by producing positive media. 



Excited to start a team in your community? Apply now. 

Four main roles within the team:

  • President: Lead, assign and monitor tasks of the team

  • Lead Editor: Write in-depth CloseUP stories on people who have made a substantial difference in your community

  • Event Director: Decide event calendar & creative themes, organize event logistics

  • Lead Photographer: Take beautiful photographs during TurnUP events



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