Internship Opportunities 


Writing & Journalism Internship

CloseUP Writers craft our featured stories highlighting people who have gone out of there way to make their community better. We are looking for writers interested in positive journalism to join our team. Quality CloseUP stories will be published on our website.

Photography Internship

Our talented photographers work hard to produce beautiful photographs that aim to capture positive human emotions. We are always looking for creative photographers to join our team and spread kindness through pictures. Quality photographs will be posted on our Instagram page and website. 

About Unsung People

Unsung People is an online publication that shares beautiful stories of kindness from around the world. Our journalists write in-depth CloseUP stories spotlighting inspiring community members. We also share simple stories of kindness collected from monthly community events and online submissions. Unsung People's journalists and photographers have produced engaging positive content that is extremely important in today's media landscape. We have been featured by the University of Virginia, NBC29, and Cavalier Daily.

2018 Internships (Application Below)

We are looking for creative and passionate journalists, writers and photographers who want to immerse themselves in their community. We want you to find individuals that go above and beyond to make the community a better place. For examples, have a look at some of our current CloseUP stories. If you are interested in positive community journalism and want your writing and photography to be featured on our website, please submit the application below. This is an excellent way to get your writing and photography published. This 6-week internship is unpaid and remote - you can work from any place around the world. You will be working with a writer, journalist and photographer from the Unsung People team. Your mentor's responsibility is to ensure that you get to do meaningful work, learn a new skill, interact with UP's team members, and have a good time.

Writing & Journalism Internship Responsibilities

  • Interview people and organizations who are making a significant positive impact on your community.
  • Write 4 CloseUP stories over the internship period; all 4 will published if they meet our quality expectations.
  • Access Unsung People's Google Analytics; learn how to analyze user engagement develop insights to improve UP's engagement.
  • Learn website design; build a page for UP's website.

Photography Internship Responsibilities

  • You will successfully complete 6 project based assignments. Your photographs will be posted on our Instagram page and our website if they meet our quality expectations.
  • Projects will be of 3 types:
    • Photographing individuals who are generally under-represented or misrepresented in your community and collecting stories of kindness from them.
    • Photographing people that represent a specific segment of human emotion that we assign. You will be given creative freedom to photograph members in your community who represent what the project is asking for.
    • Photographing individuals featured on a CloseUP story in your community.
  • Access Unsung People's Instagram account; learn to how to analyze user engagement on Instagram and improve it.

Internship Application

Fill out the brief application below and we will get in contact with you soon with next steps.  

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