How I Found My Laptop

"I recently bought a laptop. I was traveling in a taxi to a restaurant and when I reached, I rushed into the restaurant because I was really hungry. After having a heavy lunch, I realized that I did not have my laptop bag - I had left it in the taxi. I immediately called the taxi driver. To my relief, he said that he saw the bag and kept it with him in the front seat. He promised to deliver it the next day because he was busy taking trips on his taxi. But because of my repeated requests, he agreed to drop it off at my place late that night after he finished his trips. I was very anxious and really wanted him to bring back the laptop that day. He kept his word and came home at 12:30 am. He had to travel in the opposite direction of where he lived to deliver my laptop. This was just so nice of him - I couldn’t stop thanking him." - Lakshmi Hariharan




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