How I Found My Towed Car

“This incident happened at about 10pm. My car was parked in the no-parking zone and was towed away by the traffic cops from somewhere on Cunningham Road. I had absolutely no idea where to go to find my car and how to get there. I looked around for a bit, and found one auto driver who offered to help me. I was grateful and I got in. But neither of us knew which police station we were supposed to go to. First thing I noticed, was that he did not turn his meter on. Naturally, my first thought was “Oh no, this guy is going to charge me a lot”. But in that moment, it was okay because my main concern was to find my car. From Cunningham, we came all the way to the Race Course Police Station where they informed us that the car would be at the Cubbon Road Police Station. And obviously, we headed to that station next; all the while, meter was still off. At the cubbon road station, I was informed that my car was indeed here and was asked to wait for the concerning cop and was made to pay all the necessary penalties. After having paid the penalty amount, I was not left with a single rupee in hand. However, one of the cops offered to drop me to my car. I asked the auto driver to follow me to my house in Malleshwaram so I could pay him the fare and what he said next changed the way I look at auto drivers. He said, “No sir, you finally got done with this work, you got your car back and you’re happy now. On Eid, I was able to help you.” After this, he left. I have his number and I have tried to reach him multiple times but in vain. From the suspicion that I felt in the beginning to the gratitude that he filled me with after all the help that he gave me without expecting anything really left me speechless. I will be forever thankful!” - Subhash Shah

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