Fun Vacation

"Last year my friends and I went to a cabin in Tennessee. Around 20 people came on the trip, but the cabin only supplied 10 beds total. Naveed Mostaghimi made sure all the girls had first priority by giving every girl on the trip a bed and supplied the guys with air mattresses and sleeping bags. In addition to that, he took care of every single responsibility on the trip willingly, whether it was purchasing the tremendous amount of groceries needed, helping prepare every meal we ate, cleaning the cabin, or simply making sure everybody in the trip was included and having a good time. I don’t think he got much sleep at all - he was up till 3 am and woke up before 8 am, but he managed to always be upbeat. Without Naveed, the trip wouldn’t have been the success it was. The trip truly felt like a mini vacation because he took care of everything just so that nobody would have to worry about a single thing." - Parisa Roohafzaii

Unsung Person: Naveed Mostaghimi