"Amanda and I went to the vet to get Laslo, our cat, checked out because he hadn’t had his checkup in a while. While we were there we found out he had a couple vaccines due, which we knew about, but he also had some other procedures due which we didn’t know about. Since he’s an indoor/outdoor cat, he’s susceptible to feline leukemia and FIV and he’s been an outdoor cat for around 6 months now. We didn’t know about this otherwise we would have gotten him the vaccinations before hand so we were a little bit worried. The tests to get him checked for all this is pretty expensive, not to mention the doctor’s visit and all the other stuff, so we were trying to limit what we could get done in this visit and there were quite a few things we could not do. So we were going to get him vaccinated for FIV but we could not get him tested for it because we figured we might as well save the money and just get him vaccinated just in case. Everything we were gonna get was going to come up to quite a bit and they knew our situation, they knew we were strapped for money. We spoke to the doctor and asked what we would recommend we do and he went to the back. When he came back out, he told us that he would give us six months worth of flea medication for the price of 2 and a free doctor’s visit. Overall, the whole thing should have cost around $400 but they only charged us a little over $200. We were just so shocked, I was almost in tears and Amanda was in tears and it was just so awesome of them to do that." -Michael Beckwith

Unsung People