My friend Dominic went with a friend of his a while ago to help pick out a new puppy. They went to a bunch of animal shelters around town and they were all full of these aggressive, loud pitbulls. But one dog, Maggie, was super quiet and was almost scared to get out of her cage. So they ended up taking her home and looking after her for the first week or so. Shortly after, Dominic’s friend left Maggie with him for the weekend while he attended some interviews. His friend ended up getting a job at West Palm Beach so he called Dominic on Thursday and said he was gonna drop Maggie off at the pound when he got back. After keeping her for the weekend, she was super quiet and well-behaved and she was already potty-trained and Dominic told him that he can’t do that, he’s going to keep her. I can safely say that I haven't seen a connection between someone and their pet like Dom and Maggie. She's the most quiet and loving pitbull I've ever seen. She actually cries whenever Dom leaves the room, even for a phone call!

Dom said, “I’ve had her for about a year now so she’s 3 now. She was 27 pounds when we met her and now’s she’s 52 pounds so she’s gotten real healthy.”

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