"I’m the assistant director of undergraduate programming at the International Center here at the University of Florida. When I think of people who do kind acts without expecting anything in return I think about Bobbi Steinmetz who is the Peace Corps recruiter here. She’s not here all the time, she’s here Tuesdays through Thursdays but I have never, in all my time at UF, seen someone so completely open and available to her students. And that goes beyond just meeting with students all day long, I mean really connecting with them. When she talks to students, she really “sees” them and she makes the effort to understand them and remember things about them. I saw this statistic about how less than 30% of students here have had a professor who calls them by their first name and while she isn’t faculty, she is nothing like that. She’s someone I look up to when it comes to advising." - Cindy Tarter

Unsung Person: Bobbi Steinmetz

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