Heroes in Flags


“This was about 2 years ago, I was traveling back to my home town from my work place which is about a hundred and fifty kilometers apart by road. It was raining heavily and I drove by a construction site which had a huge pit dug up in front of it. I saw a man standing in front of it waving a red flag continuously. I didn’t bother to stop because I found this behavior of his very strange.

The next day when I switched on the morning news, it turned out that the man was trying to help accident victims who had crashed into the pit due to lack of visibility in the rain. He was riding back home on his bicycle when he witnessed the accident and made a makeshift flag with a stick and piece of cloth that he had found. The news reported that the man had been waving the flag for over an hour in the rain hoping that somebody would stop and help the victims get out.
In hindsight, I wish I had stopped and helped. But thankfully everyone got out safe thanks to him.” - Anshuman Mishra

Unsung Person: Unknown

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