How I Found My Phone

“One day, I went for breakfast in Adayar Anand Bhavan. I normally carry two phones - one for work and one personal. When I was coming out, I dropped one phone by mistake. I pulled out my car and went away. When I reached home, I realized that my phone wasn’t with me. So I logged in to my other phone and tried to find it. I got the location but it was still at the place where I dropped it. I was wondering why in broad daylight no one stole my phone. When I went back to get it, I searched around and asked a lot of people where the phone was. But I couldn’t find it. I asked the shopkeeper if he had seen my phone. He gave me a chit and asked me to call a number. When I called the number, I talked to an IT guy who told me that he had found my phone. When I was pulling out my car, he was getting into the same parking spot. He had seen my phone, given it to the shopkeeper and asked him to keep it. But he told the shopkeeper to ask me to confirm that it was his phone, so I could make sure that it was actually me.”

Unsung People