I run a non-profit called Aarogya Seva. We are in the process of launching a campaign where we will be distributing Upper Limb Prosthetics for free to children who may have lost a limb either due to an amputation, accident or any congenital anomalies. We are making these 3D printed, customisable, mechanised hands and we’re hoping to start distribution by next week. Recently, I was in Bhopal to collect measurements of the kids who needed a hand. Some of these kids were already amputees and they were so eager to actually bring in other people who they could help.

Last week, I was studying for my accounting exam in one of the classrooms below the Rotunda. They’re supposed to lock the doors at 10 PM, so the Rotunda security guard came by and told me I had to leave. I told him I was having really good vibes in the room and I really wanted to stay, so he let me stay until midnight if I promised to close the windows behind me.


The other day I was sitting in the STUD, studying for a midterm. I hadn’t started any of the readings until 24 hours before. I hope my professor doesn’t see this. I had in front of me this spread of papers: I looked like such a mess. Anyone could tell this girl was struggling. One of my friends had just come back from the second year council wellness fair, and in her hands she had four boxes of Canes Chicken. She said, “Here, I just saw that you were probably not going to get lunch before your exam.” It just brightened my day, and made studying for my midterm a little bit less terrible.

Malini started a travel company in Bangalore almost 3 years ago after the Delhi rape happened. She makes travel safer for women in India by organizing group tours for solo travelers who would like to travel. After 3 years, it is a known travel company for women. What she does is announce group tours for women a couple of months in advance. Women from all parts of India come and India is considered a safer country for women to travel.

A couple of days ago, my friends found a pigeon on the road. It wasn’t able to fly. It was just about to grow but hadn’t learned from it’s mother how to fly. Had it been left on the road, it would have been eaten up by dogs. My friends were nice enough to pick it up and drop it off at my place. Then I was able to give it to an animal relief center.

Last year I was taking an intro seminar, and I had a big paper due the next day. I finished up around 10 o’clock. My sister has always offered to help me with my papers, and this time, I said, ‘Go ahead, take a look. The prompt said, “In Chapter XX and Chapter XXI…” Me, being dumb, read it as Chapter 20 and Chapter 11. “ I had completely misread the roman numerals. My sister told me, “Wait, this doesn’t make any sense.” I looked at the prompt, and realized I had written an entirely different paper.” Had it not been for her, I would have gotten a much worse grade.