Beautiful stories of kindness from around the world.


How I Found My Laptop

I realized that I did not have my laptop bag - I had left it in the taxi. READ MORE

The Rotunda Guard

They’re supposed to lock the doors at 10 PM, so the Rotunda security guard came by and told me I had to leave. READ MORE


A Springsteen Surprise

Every person deserves to see Bruce Springsteen once in their life. READ MORE

Malini's Travel Company

Malini started a travel company in Bangalore almost 3 years ago after the Delhi rape happened. READ MORE

Sugarcane Shop Saved

We initially manufactured sugarcane juice out of the crop. But this business was causing us a great deal of loss. READ MORE

Oreos & Orgo

“What is your favorite milkshake?” I told her Oreo. READ MORE


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Unsung People shares beautiful stories of kindness from around the world.

For every positive story online, there are 17 negative ones, thus people perceive the world as more dangerous and this fear makes them unhappy. Researchers have coined this term the "Mean World Syndrome."

We believe that people are overwhelmingly good. Our goal is to shed light on the goodness around us, celebrate each small act of kindness, and share beautiful, inspiring stories.

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Our journalists write in-depth CloseUP stories spotlighting inspiring community members. We also share simple stories of kindness collected from monthly community events and online submissions



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